“Follow” Him

Restore us, O God; make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.
Psalm 80:3

Almost everyone online wants you to “follow” them and “like” them. Yet not all sources and sites are created equal. Online you run across all kinds of different information with various levels of credibility. Whether they’re blogs focused on celebrity gossip, news sites from established networks, or personal pages sharing subjective opinions, online sources are not all created equal.

Like last hour’s headlines, their news may feel dated and in need of being refreshed. Others may seem so over-the-top in their opinions that we’re outraged, offended, or upset. Sometimes we want to post a “like,” but resist because we don’t really know if the person or site is really who or what it appears.

God is who he says he is. His “profile” and “status page” can be found in the timeless truth of his Word, the Bible. In a world of instant updates, friendly snapchats, and tempting tweets, it’s good to remember we can like and follow him forever.

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Pray: “God, I get bombarded by so many different voices and directions clamoring for my attention. Keep me focused on your timeless love and the truth of your Word.”

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