Find the 5 words hidden in the picture? 1 of them I couldn’t find

This picture has 5 hidden words in it. Can you find them all?

Want a stress reliever? We have a puzzle for you. Puzzles are a great escape to forget stress and just concentrate on a fun distraction. Can you find the 5 words hidden inside picture?

Have you found them yet? If you need the answers, we will list the 5 words below.

The 5 words are:

1. Apple
2. Barn
3. Farm
4. Pick
5. Cow

Did you find them all? Cow was the one I missed my first time.

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Can you find the 1 hidden word inside the picture?

Hint, the word is Jesus.

Have you found Jesus yet? If you need the answer, we will show you below.

Here is the answer:

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