Are You Feeling Overly Tired Or Have Dry Skin? It May Mean You Have THIS Serious Condition…

We all pray for good health, and we keep our faith in the Lord that He will keep us in safe and healthy. However, it is important to take note of signs that may indicate that our body is not in the best shape.

Watch out for these 6 Tell Tale signs that are indicative of a liver damage

Studies indicate that liver disease is one of the most common causes for death nowadays. As compared to the other diseases of the digestive tract, the mortality rate in liver damage is second highest. Some of the primary causes for liver damage include genetic disposition, prolonged exposure to toxins, a chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis and so on. It is therefore essential to understand your digestive system and watch out for the possible signs that the health of your liver might be deteriorating.

Excessive Fatigue

One of the most common signs that your liver might be damaged is the feeling of excessive exhaustion or fatigue that cannot be explained otherwise. Your liver is associated with a number of vital functions including balancing the concentration of hormones and metabolism of drugs and alcohol to neutralize their toxicity. Studies indicate that excessive and unexplained exhaustion might be indicative of a hormonal imbalance within your body and also a result of some neurochemical changes in your brain. When your liver is damaged, it causes impaired metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of toxins in your blood stream. This further worsens symptoms of fatigue.

Dry or Inflamed/irritated skin

Another indicator of a potential liver damage is excessively dry, flaky and itchy skin. When your liver is damaged, it is unable to provide enough body fluids for hydrating your skin and keeping it moisturized and supple. As a result of which, liver damage patients often complain of inflamed skin on their extremities, yellow colored mucous membranes or unexplained bright or dark spots/pigmentation in different areas of their body.

Pain in the abdomen

If you constantly experience a persistent dull stabbing or throbbing pain in your abdomen, you might want to get yourself checked for liver damage. Prolonged usage of prescription drugs or alcohol can cause extensive liver damage and result in constant abdominal pain. The pain stemming from a liver damage can only be cured by a proper treatment for the disease.


When your liver doesn’t function properly, it might lead to an accumulation of a pigment known as bilirubin, which the liver can no longer metabolize. The condition is known as jaundice and leads to the yellowing of eyes, skin and nails. In addition to the changes in the appearance of the skin and eyes, the other symptoms of jaundice include cognitive impairment, itchiness of skin and dark colored urine.

Stomach Bloating

A damaged liver also impairs the normal function of the blood capillaries, resulting in excessive pressure on the surrounding veins. These veins are associated with the transmission of blood to the intestines and the spleen. When the process of blood flow is interrupted, a condition known as portal hypertension kicks in, and elevates the blood pressure levels in the body.

Vomiting or nausea

Your liver is majorly associated with the function of detoxifying, cleansing and expelling toxins from your body. Now when the liver is damaged, its improper functioning leads to unhealthy changes in the metabolic activity and digestion process. This leads to a buildup of toxins within your system. As a result, your body tries to eliminate them through antiperistalsis commonly known as vomiting and you feel nauseous.