FedEx Driver Couldn’t Ignore God’s Call Any Longer And Returns To Stranger’s Door To Pray

If you’ve ever glimpsed in the back of a FedEx truck or watched the movie, Castaway (2000), then you know how important it is to keep moving those packages to their intended destinations – especially around the holidays.

Recently FedEx employee Amanda Riggan did the unthinkable. She stopped her route and showed kindness to a stranger.

Earlier in the day, Amanda delivered two packages and as she pulled up, the woman for whom the boxes were intended, was checking for her newspaper at the end of the driveway.

As they made their way to the house, the woman asked about Amanda’s holiday experience, and Amanda shared how busy, but good the holidays were for her. Politely Amanda inquired after the woman’s holidays. Small talk. Nothing more.

Then, with tears in her eyes, the woman shared how bad things were for her. Her husband was dying from cancer and the holidays held no joy for them. Amanda felt the awkward tension of someone else’s pain at that moment, and like many of us, she tried to change the subject and get back to work.

Once back on her route Amanda delivered twenty more packages before she decided to go back. Turning around – she returned to the neighborhood. Something or someone would not let her pass the woman by.

Standing on her porch, Amanda greeted the woman and asked her if she could pray for her. This simple act touched the heart of a stranger that day. At the moment Amanda prayed, the woman knew she was not alone in her pain and grief. God heard her heart’s cry.

In a video post Amanda shared on Facebook, you can see how moved Amanda is to be obedient. God delights in His children, and He made us for His pleasure. We can feel the pleasure of the Father for both of these women. One He loved and comforted in her mourning and one He loved and drew closer by her obedience.

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