Even Before You Call

“Before they call I will answer; while they are speaking I will hear.”
Isaiah 65:24

“I was just thinking of you,” the person on the other end of our phone conversation says. Or, “I was just about to hit SEND when I got your email.” Maybe you’ve even been texting with someone and your texts seem to cross in cyberspace, each answering the other’s question before it was asked.

While science fiction presents telepathy and mental powers of mind reading and future telling as normal, it’s not. Unless, that is, you’re God. He always knows what’s on our minds, in our hearts, and ahead of us. We don’t have to worry that he won’t hear us when we call out to him—he already knows what we need before we do.

You can relax today, knowing that there’s nothing you’ll face that God has not already known and equipped you to handle.

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Pray: “Father, I am secure in the knowledge that you know all my needs before I do. I can be at peace knowing that even before I call, you’re there.”

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