Elementary school teacher uses her wedding registry to collect school supplies for students in need

Kelli Cameron is a first-grade teacher at Roland Park K-8 in Tampa, Florida, who is devoted to her work and her hard-working students. “I call my class my family, and I’m sure a lot of other teachers do, too,” Kelli said.

Last summer, Kelli got engaged to her now-husband Matt. They chose to do something a little odd when setting up the registry for their upcoming wedding.

“We decided that we didn’t need anything specific,” Kelli said. So instead, of registering for the typical wedding gifts, the couple came with a concept that celebrated the commitment of Kelli to her students. Instead of setting up a gift registry for themselves, they set up one to purchase school supplies for needy children. The pair put up a wishlist on Amazon and said it was like creating a typical marriage registry: “Instead of crockpots, it was Sharpies and t-shirts and khaki shorts,” Matt Cameron said.

“It was kind of a no-brainer,” Kelli said. “Being a teacher, I know that a lot of kids come with nothing to school.”

Not only that, but this gift couldn’t have come at a better time. “You see the kids so excited about the little things, a new backpack, new shoes,” Kelli said. “And it’s so important that they can start the school year excited.”

After she suggested this idea to her husband, he said he wasn’t surprised one bit. “I’m not surprised at all that she came up with this and went into it so passionately, because that’s what she does every day,” he said.

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