Electrician Fixed Broken Heat For Family For No Charge Then Lured Back For Fake Inspection

Josh and Stacy and Lemonds heat had stopped working right in the coldest time of the year. It was bitter cold where they lived in Oklahoma City, but there was nothing the family could do.

You see, the electric company pulled their meter and said that it was a fire hazard due to the corroded wires. Stacy and Josh were barred from getting their electricity back until it had been repaired and inspected once again.

However, both Stacy and Josh were unemployed at the time. Down on their luck, they were struggling with their finances and didn’t have the money to make the necessary fixes. All they could do was pray for a miracle.

Stacy and Josh spoke to their church marriage group to ask their community for some collective prayer. They were surprised when a man named Joshua Matthews personally got in contact with them instead.

The couple had only recently met Joshua through their marriage group. After hearing that Joshua’s wife was sick, Stacy and Josh brought some warm meals to his home. Little did they know that their kindness would soon be repaid.

Joshua, who served two tours in Afghanistan, currently works as an apprentice with Dane Electric. He offered his skills to the struggling couple.

Joshua spent the next few days and nights working tirelessly to repair the Lemonds’ heat. He worked in the cold and rain, climbing up and down slippery ladders in the cold darkness.

In the end, Joshua and his company got the Lemonds’ electricity back up to code and made all the required fixes — at no cost to the struggling couple.

A few days later, Joshua was sent back out to Stacy and Josh’s home for what he thought was a re-inspection.

Really, it was just a way to lure Joshua over so the Lemonds could give him a huge and well-deserved surprise.

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