Dog Rescued as Elevator Doors Shut On Leash All Captured On Video

A woman got the scare of a lifetime when she stepped into the elevator with her dog only to have the doors close before the little Pomeranian could make it inside.

Her neighbor, Johnny Mathis, came to the rescue, and the fast-thinking man saved the dog from potentially being strangled by his own leash.

27-year-old Johnny Mathis was thankfully coming home late from work on Monday or he might not have been around when his Pomeranian neighbor was in crisis, he told NBC News.

Mathis was exiting the elevator on the floor to his apartment when a new tenant was walking in with her dog. His building’s security camera showed the elevator doors close on the dog’s leash, with its owner inside.

Mathis said he was fueled by pure adrenaline when he ran up to the Pomeranian in an effort to save the dog from getting strangled.

“I tried to break it at first,” Mathis said. “I tried to lean down on it with all my weight but it wouldn’t snap.”

Mathis then tried to pull the dog’s collar off.

“I was fighting all that fur, it took me a few tries because that dog was so fluffy,” he said.

Watch the heart stopping video below:

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