Has Jesus Ever Left You?

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”
Isaiah 40:29

Whether we’re rooting for an unranked team against one that’s a champion powerhouse or hoping the everyday Joe wins the love of the beautiful woman in the movie, we love underdogs. So does God.

He often chooses people who are weaker, smaller, less talented, poorly equipped, and outnumbered to advance his kingdom. From David facing Goliath to Moses parting the Red Sea, from his Son being born in a manger to uneducated fishermen being chosen as his disciples, God delights in using the least likely candidates to become the most powerful conduits of his grace.

And he still empowers us the same way today. We don’t think we can accomplish it, but God knows that if we allow him, he can do the impossible through us. No matter how great the odds seem stacked against you, your Father can use you.

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Pray: “Dear God, I know that you can use me no matter how weak, unworthy, or inadequate I might feel. Today, I will trust you and willingly do whatever you ask.”

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