Bus Driver Jumps Into Action When She Sees A Strange Couple In The School Parking Lot

Bus Driver Spots Suspicious People Nearby School, Jumps Into Action When She Sees A Gun

Presence of mind is a huge gift. Common sense and presence of mind are two gifts that not everyone is blessed with. If you are blessed with the gift of being able to use your brain at the hour of a crisis where many people usually freeze up, then you may be able to avoid chaos save lives.

A school bus driver, Alice Bradley, from North Carolina was faced with such a situation where she had to use her brain or else she, along with a others, would have probably lost their lives. It started like any other normal day, Alice went to the parking lot of the school in the morning to begin her shift. She had expected her day to continue on normally and was planning out her usual route. But as the morning started, things took an uncanny turn and she was facing one of the scariest situations of her life.

She pulled into the parking lot and her attention was caught by a strange looking couple. They were standing around and all of a sudden she saw the man taking out a gun. He then started pointing the gun at Alice. Instead of freezing in fear or panicking, Alice stepped on the gas and drove the car straight towards the couple who were about to attack her. The couple fled from that place in haste.

Alice informed the authorities, who in turn informed the police. The police were very prompt in taking the culprits in custody. The police could get out a confession from them where they confessed that they were planning to massacre everyone in the school. This news was passed on by Robert Holland, who is the sheriff of Macon County.

Alice’s quick thinking led her to do something brave and life-changing. She later said that she only had the thought of the children in her head and admitted to the fact that she was very nervous. She said that she always thought she was a very tough person but being in that situation really scared her. But the fact remains that she has been an embodiment of bravery and courage in risking her life to save the children and teachers of the school.

If only there were more people as brave and selfless as Alice Bradley the world would surely be a better place to live in.

Vital Tips To Survive A School Or Workplace Shooting

There have been many shootings lately and we all pray that we never have to go through a traumatic experience like the ones we have seen on TV. It is one of the most violent acts and only people with antisocial intentions would indulge in it. Under normal circumstances a school, college or any other educational institution would be the last place where shooting should take place. But lately, we have seen in the news that there has been increased number of incidents where mass shooting and massacre have taken place in schools. It has usually been the act of some psychopath killer. We have heard very few cases of shooting happening in workplaces but that is always a possibility in today’s crazy world.

There is no harm in knowing how to protect yourself while you are at school or work incase any incident of shooting takes place. Knowing survival tricks beforehand gives you the best chance to survive. As expected, the first resort would be to flee from that place, but in case you cannot then you should know how to fight that situation or where to hide in case you know you cannot survive even if you put up a fight.

Here are the situation from which you need to survive in case of shooting:

Safe Escape: running away is the first option that you have, but for this to work you need to know what the escape routes like emergency or fire exits are. Also, don’t freeze in panic. Keep thinking and keeping yourself active. Don’t worry about your belongings when you are running for your life. Head straight towards the exit and while doing so, encourage others to join you. If you find any sharp objects around you just grab it in case you need to put up a fight. Also, in case you need to fight the shooter, get as close as you can to him and grab the barrel with one hand and cover the ejection port with the other. This way the shooter can only shoot once and after this the gun can malfunction.

Hiding or Barricading: in case escape is impossible the second option is to hide. To do this, let one person call the emergency helpline, one group barricade all from the shooters and one group look for sharp objects to be used as weapons. Also turning off the light is a good option as then there are chances that the shooter won’t enter the room. Barricade the doors and windows and stay away from them. Finally, find  cover to hide yourself and switch off your phones and don’t make ant sound.

Engage the shooter: in case everything fails, the last resort is to attack the shooter. Don’t engage in conversation and try and create commotion to confuse the shooter and finally attack the shooter with any kind of weapon that you have.

To prevent any mishap, you can always report any kind of suspicious activity. But still if the incident happens, always call an emergency number and once they arrive tell them what happened.  

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