Brave Girl Fighting Cancer Belts Her Heart Out At A Wedding And It’s Too Good To Miss

We love a good underdog story. One of the biggest bad-guys many underdogs face is cancer. Right now, 6-year-old Anya Ottley is battling this meanie in the form of rare kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor, and boy is she a fighter.

In a recent viral video, she was caught singing her anthem, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, at a wedding.

This moment was meet with cheers as her family and friends looked on.

Currently undergoing chemotherapy, Anya is staying strong and keeping things in perspective.

As a way to help focus Anya as she goes through chemo, her mother told her about the tradition of a “ring-the-bell’ party post care. Anya was thrilled at the idea of a party and what party would be complete without a great performer to grace the stage? Then and there Anya decided to sing “Fight Song” when chemotherapy finishes.

“She even takes the chemotherapy in her stride, It makes her sick, but she tells me it’s not too bad for her and that other children on the ward are much sicker, “said mom, “She is really caring like that.”

Meanwhile, a girl has to prepare, right? What better way to practice than at a wedding reception? In true fighter fashion, Anya belts out the lyrics with gusto. Her uncle caught the moment on camera, and it makes us all want to sing along with her.

As you celebrate the fighter in this little girl, say a prayer. When we lift one another up, we fulfill the law of Christ.

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