Beautiful Country Star Is Told By Modeling Agency She Must Pose In Bikini To Become Famous… Her Response If Perfect

There is a beautiful verse in the book of Psalms that talks about heritage; the wealth that is passed on from one generation to the next. Chapter 16, verse 6 reads, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.” Not only do these lines talk about the beauty of loving our heritage, it also signifies the gratitude that we ought to have to our Creator for blessing us with so many wonderful things in life.

The values that are inherited from our family, society, our nation, and the other humans worldwide play a vital role in the way we lead our lives. Man, being a social creature is highly prone to imbibing both the good and the bad of other people whom we come into contact with regularly. A simple example of the phenomenon is the internet. There was a time when none of us had it. Then, when it became favored by a select few, there were others who had to start using the internet, by choice or out of necessity. Now, there is hardly any place or person who doesn’t use this facility. This is a positive change that will be passed on from this generation on to the next one. There are plenty of other things that we can hand down to our descendants, or teachings that can be imparted to the people we share the planet with.

Kaylee Keller is a fast-rising singer who is well-known for her wavy blonde hair, chirpy looks, and a long, southern drawl. She has aimed to become a famous country singer, and there are several people who believe she can easily do that. But she doesn’t want to be just a music superstar. She wants to put her talents to good use so that others can benefit from it.

A Kansas resident, Keller is hoping to use her music as a medium of inspiration to her listeners. They shouldn’t be taken ‘just for fun’. As the 20-year-old singer puts it – “My goal in music is to have a really strong message in each of my songs.”

There is a reason behind the urge that Keller feels to take this noble step. A younger version of Kaylee had to suffer plenty of bullying when she was in high school. He wants to let the youngsters suffering from the same problem currently to have a voice of support, and it would be hers through her songs. There is another very important point that the young lady makes about the celebrities of modern times.

“I hear a lot of celebrities sometimes talk and they say, ‘Oh well, I’m just being me and if you let your kids watch me, that’s on you.’ But I feel like if you’re somebody who is in the limelight, or you have a platform, it is your responsibility to do something with that and to know that people are looking at you and every choice that you make and every word that you say is accountable for.”

We really, really wish there were more people like Kaylee who thought the same thing! It’s easy to find a celebrity in almost every city in the world. But how many of these celebrities are actually worth our respect and affection? Not many, right? Apathy towards the general public, having no connection whatsoever with common people and their troubles, choosing not to use their status and wealth for the greater good – these are just a few of the crimes that most celebrities can be blamed of. But not many would dare do that.

Keller wants to set a very different example as a celebrity to her fans and general music lovers. She wants to let the world know about the morals that she believes in and follows. The ‘Diamond’ singer is not just a passive thinker of ideas, but someone who does exactly as she says she will. She, as they say, walks the talk. Her rising fame has obviously attracted plenty of attention, both healthy and toxic. She has made it a point to choose those options that are in line with her beliefs and morals. One of the noteworthy decisions she has made is to turn down opportunities to shoot to the limelight if the terms and conditions associated with the opportunities don’t sit comfortably with her.

A modeling agency had approached the beautiful, young singer with promises of making her even more famous and ‘launching’ her career. Keller was required to wear a bikini for the sake of her career, according to the agency. Keller decided immediately to decline the generous offer that she was made and did not sit for a photo shoot in a bikini.

Keller goes on to say why others should not hesitate to do the same if they wanted to. “I think one of the biggest industry lies is if you say no, the opportunity is never going to approach you again.” She goes on to say that she knows she has enough self-worth to decide what was right for her and what she would not want to do, at any price.

Despite saying no to an opportunity, Keller’s talent was sufficient to attract the attention of another talent-spotting company – Fox News. Keller, promoted by Fox News, has launched her first EP called ‘Rubies’. The company has the exclusive rights to debut the music video for one of Keller’s songs – Nowhere America. Keller describes the song as a reflection of herself and all that she believes in. Her co-writer and she are still close to their home roots and the strong American values. These form the foundation and inspiration for the song.

Keller believes she will always be a small town girl who has been blessed with the opportunity to travel to big cities and doing what she loves. She is proud of her heritage and her values and hopes to make her music her way to giving back to the society.

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