Avocados Are Recalled Across 6 States

San Diego based avocado growers, Henry Avocado, voluntarily recalled whole avocados grown and packed in California.

The company ships avocados to California, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and New Hampshire markers. While there are no reports of illnesses associated with avocado consumption, the move is a precaution since a routine inspection of their California plant found traces of listeria.

Listeria is a bacterium which can cause diarrhea, fever, and severe complications for pregnant women and their babies.

A 2015 recall of Blue Bell Ice Cream made in Oklahoma led to a company-wide suspension of production while creameries and plants were cleaned and re-inspected after a deadly listeria outbreak. Blue Bell’s comeback to the market is partly because of their product, and also can be attributed to the priority they place on their customers’ wellbeing.

Similarly, this precautionary move by Henry Avocado is meant to protect their customers. To identify whether or not your avocados are a part of the recall the company says people should look for a “Bravocado” sticker on their avocados. Both organic and conventionally grown avocados are recalled, and organic avocados carry a label that says “organic” and “California.”

If a label is marked “Product of Mexico” under the Henry Avocado label, it is safe to eat, as no listeria was found in that plant.

The company did not remark on how long they anticipate the recall to last.

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