Are You Focused On Jesus’ Love?

Read with us today as we learn about Psalm 41:12.

In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever.
Psalm 41:12

You don’t have to be a perfect person to have integrity. You simply have to be focused on God’s truth. The word integrity means wholeness as well as virtue. When we’re singularly committed to loving and serving the Lord in every area of our lives, we can count on him to uphold us and guide us. Even when we’re distracted and lose sight of our priorities at times, we can know that God remains with us and wants to empower us to advance his kingdom.

With all the voices, sound bites, and information assaulting us each day, it can be hard to focus on our relationship with the Lord. All the more reason why we need to take time throughout our day to pray and invite his presence into all areas of our lives. Integrity grows over time as you become more and more transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Stay focused on what matters most, ignoring the many distractions throughout your day.

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Pray: “God, my relationship with you matters more than anything in the world to me. I want to align all parts of my life with your truth.”

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