America’s 200 Billion Dollar Obesity Problem By State And Age Group

The United States stands out as the most overweight country on the planet. The US Senate Committee on Finance assesses that weight related human health services costs over $200 billion every year.

The rates of heftiness in grown-ups across the nation varies tremendously. The site Data Visualizations made a series of maps based on information from the non-profit organization, The State of Obesity. The maps highlight obesity differences by state.

Louisiana has the most exceedingly bad rate at 36.2 percent, while Colorado is the slimmest state at 20.2 percent. There is a distinct territorial pattern to the information — nine of the main 10 states are in the South, while the slimmer states have a tendency to be in the West or Northeast.

Each state in the country as of now has a grown-up obesity rate of more than 20 percent, while half have a rate of 30 percent or higher. In 1990, Mississippi had the most noteworthy rate at only 15 percent. Colorado was the slimmest state around then also, with a rate of only 6.9 percent.

There is a solid connection between the states with high obesity rates and those that recorded lower levels of both physical activity and utilization of foods grown from the ground (i.e. fruits and vegetables).

There was some uplifting news in the most recent round of information. Four states — Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio — saw diminishing rates of obesity; the first recorded decline in over a decade.

Data Visualizations likewise separated the information by age. As you’d expect, the rate of overweight grown-ups tends to increase with age, with one exception — rates crest in the 45-64 territory, before declining in grown-ups 65 and over.

Top 10 Obese States in the Country

1. Louisiana: 36.2%
2. Alabama: 35.6%
2. Mississippi: 35.6%
2. West Virginia: 35.6%
5. Kentucky: 34.6%
6. Arkansas: 34.5%
7. Kansas: 34.2%
8. Oklahoma: 33.9%
9. Tennessee: 33.8%
10. Missouri: 32.4%
=10. Texas: 32.4%

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