No Problem Is Too Big And Nothing Is Too Hard For Jesus To Fix

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”
Jeremiah 32:27

Baking a perfect cake. Earning an advanced degree. Saving enough to retire. Rebuilding a car engine. Speaking in public. Turning somersaults. Completing a marathon.

You might consider some or all of these endeavors as being “too hard” for you to accomplish. Or if not these goals, then others likely cause you to back away as being impossible for you to achieve. While we’ve all been blessed with certain abilities, talents, and gifts, we also have weaknesses, flaws, and deficits. We’re not perfect, and we don’t have to be great at everything. Discerning the areas where our strengths lie and where we can have the greatest impact is part of maturity.

However, we must also realize that when God asks us to do something, he will empower and equip us to do it. Whether we think we have what it takes to accomplish the goal doesn’t matter. If the Lord wants to use us, nothing is impossible! We only have to be willing.

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Pray: “Jesus, I can do all things through you by the power of your Spirit. Remind me that my limitations are opportunities for your glory to shine through.”

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