All you need to entertain a toddler during quarantine is his canine friend

A video was recently shared by Beth Autin Lally which showed her son Liam gleefully playing with his best friend forever, their family dog. Liam is still a toddler who is figuring out how to crawl, but he does know how to cherish all the moments that he spends with his canine friend.

The novel coronavirus has forced everyone to stay indoors, and within the safety of their homes. Spending countless hours at home can be difficult, especially when you have a toddler. But did you know that life can be easier if you have a four-legged canine best friend at home?

Liam finds his furry friend to be the funniest thing in the world. They are the perfect best friends who constantly entertain each other. While his canine friend is seen playing around with him, Liam’s giggles are like music to the world.

The adorable clip that has gone viral shows, Liam, trying to crawl towards his furry friend who is excitedly playing around. Liam is also showered with some love as his canine friend jumps around and licks him. Liam is seen enjoying every moment of his play date with his BBF.

The clip became viral and the world saw the beautiful relationship filled with laughter and joy. The unconditional love showered by each is seen in the video and a sign that God created every one of us to live in harmony. The sloppy kisses, the giggles, and the adorable laughter is music to the ears. Being home with a toddler and a dog may be more than an escape from coronavirus. It is a sign that you are blessed with love and laughter to keep you positive during the pandemic.

Liam and his dog having a blast during quarantine (Viewer video)

ADORABLE 🐶👶 Need a good laugh in these crazy times? Liam and his best friend can help with that! Thanks Beth Lally for the video submission! ||

Posted by WBIR Channel 10 on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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