6 Common Asthma Symptoms You Should Know

Good health is a blessing from God that most of us take for granted. Sometimes, we forget that there are others who have to live with chronic illnesses for their entire lives. However, the earlier you detect symptoms, the more effective treatments can be.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic illnesses that 235 million people suffer from across the globe. If you susSpect that you or anyone you know may be suffering from asthma, make sure to watch out for these common symptoms:

Shortness of breath

One of the most common asthma symptoms is shortness of breath or difficulty breathing where you feel like you cannot take in enough air into your lungs.


Wheezing is when you find it extremely difficult to breathe and you start making a low-pitched sound as you breathe in and out, accompanied by a high-pitched squeaking sound.

Tightness or knot in the chest

Asthma patients usually have a tightness in their chest, like a knot forming in their ribs, making it extremely difficult to breathe, often causing panic as a result.

Persistent coughing

It’s normal to cough once in a while especially when you have a cold, but what isn’t normal is persistent coughing even in the absence of allergens.

Choking fits

For those with asthma, choking on food or water can last for a longer time than usual, eventually leading to an attack. Sometimes, they can even choke randomly without any triggers.


Since you have limited amount of oxygen, your energy levels will go down quickly and you get tired easily.

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