4-year-old girl begs to sing her favorite Christmas classic – just watch the moment she opens her mouth

Living in a musical family seems like lots of fun. Everyone plays their part and comes together with great times and treasured memories. For 4-year-old Claire Ryann who loves Christmas, this is no exception. This little girl loves to sing her heart out and luckily, she has the talent and family to support her in that.

In a precious video that has gone viral, we see Clair sing to the popular holiday song ‘Silent Night.’ Not only do we hear her sweet little voice, but we get to see her perform in a music video style clip that includes footage of a Christian movie.

‘Silent Night’ is a classic tune for the Christmas season. It’s been covered by many celebrities, played in instrumental form and enjoyed since its creation in 1818. Clair makes this song her ‘own’ with a few minor tweaks but maintains the impactful lyrics and emotion.

Her facial expressions are adorable as she hits the high notes and keeps vibrato on the long ones. She squeezes her fists with passion. The innocent voice of this young girl makes the song that much more enjoyable.

Clair is known for her large vocal range and ability to hit high pitch notes at such a young age. She and her parents make videos for social media with the dad and daughter singing together. In many of them, he plays guitar and sings touching duets with Clair. His wife, Clair’s mother is also in many videos where she plays the piano.

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