30 staff members give birth to 31 babies at Minnesota hospital

All the employees who gave birth happen to work together inside the birthing center; the last baby was born on Christmas Day.

A white board hangs in the break room of St. Cloud Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. On it, staff list the names of whom on staff is pregnant and and their due date.

In early 2018, slowly, the list started to grow, and grow, and grow.

One staffer gave birth in February and then two in March. Well, in May, four more babies were born. That sees like a lot right? Just wait.

“The list just kept getting longer and longer,” said Melissa Lahn, director of the birthing center.

By the end of 2018, 31 babies had been born to 30 staffers in one unit. For a staff of about 150, that’s incredible. About one in five staffers had a baby in 2018. It was an unofficial baby boom on the third flood of St. Cloud Hospital.

Most moms were nurses, but doctors and other support staff were part of the trend, too.

God bless all these children!

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