3 Pieces Of Cookware That May Slowly Be Killing You

The Bible is full of references to good health. Clearly, health has always been understood as something that is vital for people in order to live life fully – after all, what is the use of all your riches if you are not able to enjoy them because of poor health?

Often times the biggest threats to our health come from the most unlikely places. Health hazards lie right in front of us in plain sight, and yet we go about using them, exposing ourselves to them and indulging in them all the time. Something that really poses a threat to our health is the containers that we use. Renowned nutritionist Keri Glassman told Fox during an interview that pans and containers made from materials such as copper and aluminum are really harmful choices. She even said that the Teflon coating that is used in many non-stick pans and ceramic cookware can release toxic fumes when heated up. Keri also said that storing and microwaving food in plastic containers can be a huge cause of a number of health problems, mainly cancer.

As an alternative, Keri suggests using cast-iron, stainless-steel, and glass cookware or storage containers. She also suggests that cooking in cast-iron pans can be good for your health because it can help boost your iron intake, too. Stainless-steel, she warns, needs to be of high-quality and sourced only from reliable dealers or else it can also cause a variety of other health problems.

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