15-year-old invents pancreatic cancer test that has 100% accuracy rate for detection

In this crazy world where social media influencers are championed for their type of clothing or the manner they look, too few individuals like Jack are honored as they should be. At the young age of only 15, Jack Andraka created his own medical innovation, which has the ability to save an untold amount of lives.

In fact, he created a device with the ability to detect pancreatic cancer much earlier than was previously possible, and that could mean a difference between life and death for a large proportion of the patients.

The youthful inventor, from Crownsville, Maryland, was motivated to operate on his venture after observing the loss of a close friend of his family from pancreatic cancer. He understood that much of the problem lies in the fact that late-stage detection of pancreatic cancer is almost a death sentence, while early detection can make it possible for someone to survive.

And so Andraka started his voyage to forge a way to detect cancer sooner. During his studies, he discovered that the most up-to-date detection technique was 60 years old. This was, of course, unfair.

After seeing that, the young man worked to invent a method that is, according to reports, 168 times faster, 26,000 less expensive, and 400 times more sensitive. And that’s not all, it’s 100% accurate, as compared to the 70% the older method promised.

After exhausting attempts and countless trials and errors, Jack Andraka developed a tiny tool that could detect cancer soon and is reported to be 100% precise. It’s still preliminary, but drug companies are interested, and the word has spread. Andraka thinks that his instrument could detect any disease through comparable ideas.

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