15 Unexpected Uses For WD-40 That Make Life A Lot Easier

We often do not realize how the most common things around us can be used in ways we had never imagined. Understanding the many benefits of common household supplies can come in handy in several situations. One item that you can find in most houses is WD-40. It is one of the most popular oil lubricants that has a lot of unknown uses around the house.

Talk about oil lubricants you would find lots of them on the market. But one name that is popular all over the world is the WD-40. Among the must have supplies in most garages you would be able to find this yellow can lying somewhere. What we all know is that WD-40 helps lubricate, especially when you have to remove and separate two items that are stuck. Another common use is that this can prevent the formation of rust. So it comes in handy to protect rust prone surfaces.

While those are the most common ways in which you might already have used WD-40, here are 15 more ways in which you can use it too:

Protect wooden surfaces: When you have tools with wooden handles one main issue you might have faced is the splintering. As wood gets worn out it gets splinters which might make it difficult to hold the handle. Rubbing a little amount of WD-40 onto the wooden handles of the commonly used tools can help protect the surface of the wood from chipping and splintering.

Remove a ring without hurting your fingers: Given that WD-40 is a lubricant this application should come as no surprise. When you have a ring stuck on your finger it might be a painful process to remove it. There are several methods that you could use to remove the ring. But this one is simple as WD-40 might already be readily available at home. Rubbing a little of the lubricant on the finger would help the ring slip out easily.

Unzip a stubborn zipper: One other common place where you might be looking for a lubricant is when you have a stuck zipper. Simply grab your WD-40 can and spray a little of it on the zipper. Slowly pull the slider up and down to allow the lubricant to coat the surface evenly. You would then notice the zipper slide out easily.

Gum in your hair: Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation of having gum stuck to your hair? Before you get disappointed and grab those scissors try out this simple trick. Spray a little WD-40 on the gum with your eyes closed and windows open so that you do not inhale the fumes. You would then be able to remove the gum easily from your hair.

Adhesives be gone: Using strong adhesives can often lead to accidents where you get them on your fingers or where your fingers get stuck. Fear not for WD-40 can dissolve the adhesive. It can also be used on any surface where you want to remove adhesive stains.

Dog poop shoes: If you are struggling to get dog poo off your shoes stop right there and spray some WD-40 on your shoes. Without any effort you would be able to get your shoes squeaky clean.

Scuff marks on the floor: Your hard surface floors are prone to a lot of wear. They would withstand several scratches but sometimes some stains or scuff marks and tar can be very difficult to clean. WD-40 when sprayed on the surface can make this cleaning simpler.

No more wasp troubles: If you are aware of the spots where wasps build nests around your house spray some WD-40 in that area. Do this soon after Spring starts. This would prepare you to steer clear of wasp troubles for the future when the weather starts getting warmer.

Tea stains on your countertop: There are lot of spills and stains that you would have to wipe off your countertop. One of the most common stains that might be difficult to eliminate is the tea stains. Spray WD-40 on the place where the stain is visible and then use a sponge to wipe it away.

Save your car on a snowy day or night: You do not have to wake up to a snow covered car every morning. On a snowy day simply spray some WD-40 on your car windows before you park them outside. This would prevent the buildup of snow.

Toilet bowl cleaner: All that gunk and stubborn lime stains on your toilet bowl can easily vanish on spraying WD-40 on them. Use a toilet brush to scrub off the stains after you have sprayed the lubricant on them.

New license plate: While you clean your car the license plate is often the most ignored part. But rust can leave it looking dull and old. Spray WD-40 to remove the rust and make your license plate look good as new.

Clean and protect your shoes: Come winter your shoes are more prone to getting wet and forming stains. Be it to prevent water from entering your shoes or to remove salt stains you can spray WD-40 and then wipe off with a clean cloth.

Clean your child’s canvas: If your children love covering the walls with their crayon wall arts then you can easily get them off using WD-40. This is not just for the walls but also for the surface of furniture and other areas covered in crayon marks.

Sticker removal without a residue: When you are trying to remove a sticker or a price tag from any surface start by spraying WD-40 on it. This would loosen the adhesive and help peel the sticker without leaving any trace.

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