12 Unexpected Ways You Should Be Using Onions

God filled this planet with a plethora of fruits and vegetables for all living beings so that they never have to go hungry for the rest of their lives. God made these fruits and vegetables to have tons of nutrients so that we can eat healthy food every day. God also made them versatile so that we can use them to solve a variety of our problems. Onions are great vegetables that add taste to your dishes and salads and are versatile by nature. They keep you healthy and help in fighting off different types of problems. Given below are 12 ways you can use onions:

Air cleaner: Keep an onion in the surrounding as it purifies the air by removing nearby viruses and bacteria.

Bug bites: If you got a bug bite, keep an onion on top of the affected area. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it will alleviate any discomfort you feel because of the bug bite.

Chest congestion: Crush an onion and make it a paste by adding coconut oil. Apply this paste on your chest and use a dish towel to cover it. It’s natural antibiotic properties improve your immunity. Also, its vapors will make the mucus lose.

Colic baby: Make onion tea and give a teaspoon of it to your colic baby, as it has a soothing effect. It will help in digestion, muscle relaxation, and strengthening of the stomach.

A cough: Cut an onion in half and coat each piece with one tablespoon of brown sugar. Eat this twice a day if you are suffering from a cough. Sulfer, one of the key components in onions, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Ear infection: Place a chopped onion inside a sock and cover your ear with it. Use a hat to hold it and keep it in that position until you no longer have ear pain.

Fever: Rub coconut oil on the bottom part of your feet and place onion slices at the arch. Use a plastic wrap to cover your foot and keep it inside a sock. The onion slices will remove the sickness, bacteria, and toxins from your body.

Hair loss: Onion’s antimicrobial properties promote hair growth and keep dandruff at bay. Boil it in water and use the mixture to rinse your hair.

Minor burns: For minor burns, you can rub onions on it for reducing redness and promote skin regeneration.

A sore throat: Use lemon, honey, water, and onion skin to make a mixture. Gargle and drink this mixture when you have a sore throat.

Vomiting: Use onion juice to make peppermint tea and drink two teaspoons of it every five minutes until vomiting stops.

Cuts: Place an onion skin on your cut as its antiseptic properties will stop the bleeding quickly. It also promotes faster healing and prevents the cut from getting infected.

Please share the 12 uses of onions with your family and friends to teach them something new!