11-Year-Old Opens His Own Shelter To Save Dozens Of Neglected Animals

Miracles have touched our lives at some point or another. Sometimes we too can be miracle workers. To be a miracle worker, you don’t need superhuman powers; you just need innocence in your eyes and kindness in your heart. If you look around there are many situations which can turn you into a miracle worker.

When it comes to ‘making a difference’ or ‘changing the world’ the general assumption is that this is a job for adults. Such an assumption is done because after all, it is the adults who have more experience and access to money and other sources.

In the Philippines, a little boy is breaking all these assumptions. The boy named Ken has taken on the responsibility of being a miracle worker and that too without the help of any adult.  He started off very young ( at the age of 8) by starting an animal shelter.  The shelter has a very positive vibe all around and is rightly named the ‘Happy Animals Club’. He is 11 years now and this shelter has expanded with the help of donations from around the world.

Ken has managed to provide a safe and secure home to a number of animals. As you take a look at the animals running around the shelter you know each animal has its own story. Among these, there are some stories which stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at these:-

Hyena- a dog which was denied help by most was taken in by Ken. When Hyena came to the shelter he was sacred, hadn’t eaten for a long time and was infected with mange. Today hyena looks like a normal healthy dog.

Ken’s love for animals is not just restricted to dogs. You can meet a cat named Ceiling at the shelter. Much like Hyena when Ceiling was taken into the shelter he was starving and infested with fleas. With Ken’s care Ceiling was able to recover his lost color and is now ready for the camera.

Another marvelous story would be that of a bunch of puppies. When they came in, they were almost dead. Ken did not give up hope. He dedicated himself to the care of these puppies by giving them medication, food and naming them. A year later the puppies are all grown up with no signs of any sickness.

Among them, we get to meet Bohr – the ever- excited one named after Niels Bohr, the man who discovered electrons and radioactivity. The next in the bunch is Einstein named after you know who. His recovery has been a remarkable one. After this, Newton catches our attention with his calm and composed manner. Here the naming pattern must be quite clear- Ken chose to name the puppies after famous scientists.

The smallest in the group is baby Pascal. Ken chose to name him after Blaise Pascal, who is credited with the invention of the mechanical calculator. Among all the boys we also meet a pretty lady Planck- named after the forefather of quantum physics. The last one from the bunch is Kesla- a genius who can escape any cage in the shelter.

These stories show one noteworthy fact- age is never a factor for anything, be it achieving success or being a miracle worker like Ken.

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