11-month-old twins keep making each other laugh, but keep your eye on baby in blue

Babies are adorable at just about anything they do. When they smile, we smile. When they talk, we cheer. When they laugh, we laugh. We’ve seen these types of videos go viral with the infectious joy. Not only does it touch our hearts but other babies too, as in the case of these adorable laughing twins.

The fraternal twins, one in pink and the other blue, keep themselves tickled with laughter. When the little girl laughs and slaps the floor, she then looks at her brother. With big smiles he observes and laughs himself, then sending one right back at her. After a few slaps and laughs the two are thoroughly enjoying themselves, and most likely so is the viewer!

The little boy gets so excited! Without realizing it, he is moving all over the place and is literally rolling on the floor laughing. This one deserves to be played a few times.

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