10 Times Animals Saved People’s Lives

Animals are a true gift from God. They are companions that bring joy to the young and the old. But when we see stories like the ones below we realized we are absolutely blessed by the creatures God has created.


1. Todd Endris Saved by Dolphins

In 2007 Todd was attacked suddenly by a great white shark. Flesh was ripped from his back and the shark had bit his leg to the bone but then a pod of dolphins come in and saved the day by separating the shark from Todd so he could get to safety.


2. Yang Yun Saved by Whale

While doing a free dive in a beluga whale tang Yang Yun legs began to cramp in the Arctic temperatures of the waters, not allowing her to swim. One whale notice she was in danger, grabbed her by the leg and pushed her to the surface, saving her life.


3. Austin Forman Saved by Dog

While Austin was out collecting wood a cougar saw him as an easy target. When the cougar started charging the boy, Angle the family dog went in for the rescue intercepting the cougar giving Austin time to run to safety. Beloved Angle survived despite her many injuries.


4. Small Child Saved by Gorilla

A unattended child fell into the gorilla exhibit in Brookfield Zoo. One female gorilla took the unconscious 3-year and protected him from the other curious gorillas. She brought him over the the zoo keepers entrance and waited there until the boy was taken to safety.


5. Lions Save 12-Year Old Girl

In Ethiopia a small group of lions came to the aid of a 12-year old girl. Thought to be attracted by her cries, these lions scared away her abusive adductors and stayed with her for the better half of a day. She was found by police soon after.


6. Kevin Hines Saved by Sea Lions

Kevin attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Amazingly he survived the fall but was in serious condition, suddenly curious sea lions came to his rescue by nudging him to stay above the water and lead him to land.


7. Jo Ann Alstman Saved by Lulu the Pig

After suffering a heart attach Jo Ann Alstman was helpless. Thats when Lulu the pig came in for the rescue. She went in front of her home and laid in the road waiting for someone to help. Finally a young man stopped and Lulu lead him into the house where he then called for help.


8. Noel Osborn Saved by Goat

78-year old Noel fell in his barn and broke his hip unable to move, Mandy the goat found him and stayed with him keeping him warm for the 5 days he was stuck there. Even the nanny goat came to help by keeping him feed by supplying milk.


9. Baby Saved by Parrot

After mother stepped away while baby was eating, she heard Willie her parrot shrieking “momma” and “baby” over and over she then realized her child was choking. Mom preformed the heimlich on her child saving her thanks to Willies alarms.


10. Stray dog Saves Stray Baby

This stray dog saved the life of an abandoned infant that she came across in the forest. The dog took the infant to her litter of pups in a farmers barn who then found the litter and the infant. He then took the child to the hospital where she was treated and cared for.


These are just a few of the many stories where animals have come to the rescue of humans. God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with these amazing animals. Thank you Lord!