10 Most Expensive Things Of Its Kind

1. Chess Set:

Charles Hollander: $600,000

This chess has 320 carats of white and black diamonds, there are only seven of these luxury chess sets in the world.


2. Camera

Susse Freres daguerreotype camera: $775,000

This camera made in 1839 is believed to be the oldest commercially manufactured camera in the world.


3. Hotel Room

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva: $65,000 per night

This price is no surprise with it having 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.


4. Television

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition:$2.3 million

Whether this TV is on or off it will give pleasure with its hand sewn alligator skin and the obnoxious amount of diamonds studded around the frame.


5. Piano

Heintzman Crystal: $3.22 million

This 9 foot piano was made in Beijing and was recently purchased at auction by a private bidder.


6. Burger

Le Burger Extravagant: $295

Serendipity 3 in New York City is home to this deliciously expensive burger, which is held together by a solid gold, diamond-encrusted toothpick.


7. Painting

Number 5, 1948: $140 million

This was painted by Jackson Pollock, who received a bit of criticism for his paintings but with it selling for 7 figures he probably doesn’t care very much about what other people think.


8. Jeans

Spin Jeans By Damien Hirst: $27,000

Theres only every been 8 instances of this multicolored mess being available in the world. Hipsters everywhere are wishing they could have a pair.


9. Drawing

Raphael’s Head of a Muse: $47.9 million

In 2009 this drawing was only estimated to sell at $20 million but it ended up going for over twice that.


10. Parking Spot

Manhattan: $1 million

This million dollar parking spot is worth more than 6 times the national price of a single family home, its located in eight-story luxury condominium building at 66 E. 11th St in downtown Manhattan.