5th Grade Boys Dress Like Babies, Leave Crowd Roaring With Clever Talent Show Routine

Many of us have fond memories of participating in talent shows as a child. It is so fun to get up on stage and show off our special skills in front of our classmates! Well, this group of boys took their school talent show very seriously and created quite an amusing routine!

This group of fifth-grade boys practiced their talent show routine for weeks and were excited to perform at the New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show! The boys worked hard to create elaborate costumes that made them look like little babies wearing bibs and onesies! They performed to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” and leave the crowd roaring in laughter!

The boys got a huge round of applause from their classmates and teachers after they finished their routine. They truly put their hearts into this performance, and it sure paid off! Watch their hilarious talent show routine in the video below and laugh along with us!

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Man Finds Weird “Bubble” In His Yard, I Can’t Believe What Happens When He Pokes It!

God thought his favorite creations to be lead a life of courage through his guidance and protection. Having the courage to face our fears head-on is the equivalent of having faith and confidence in God. By praying to God on a daily basis, we learn how to use harness our courage for the greater good. When we remain faithful to God during testing times, it shows him the true extent of our courage to believe in him even when we can’t see him.

Imagine it is a nice day outside and you go onto your lawn to soak in the morning sun. The moment you step on the lawn, you notice there is a huge bubble. If you happened to be James Callender, you wouldn’t waste any time to poke holes in the strange bubble.

As James was curious to know what was in the bubble, he used a stick to poke holes in the huge lawn bubble. The Daily Mail UK has a good explanation about what leads to the formation of the lawn bubble. They say that as the water is unable to reach the ground, it gets stuck in between the initial layer of grass.

As James wanted his lawn to survive the high levels of moisture, he used a stick to remove all the pressure. After poking multiple holes, he started to step on the bubble to speed up the removal process.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea about this weird phenomenon!

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Queen Bends Royal Rules So Charlotte Can Still Be 4th In Line For The Throne

The chances of Queen Elizabeth II taking over the throne were quite bleak when she was born. The Act of Settlement of 1701 in the British constitution allows brothers to precede their sisters in matters of succession. This means that despite the first birth being that of a girl child, the younger brother may eventually end up sitting on the throne. Sounds a bit unfair, right?

Let’s look at the case of Princess Margaret. If she had been born as a boy or had any younger brothers, Elizabeth would have lost the chance of being the first successor to the throne. The Succession of the Crown Act changed these ancient succession rules in the year 2013. How? Well, it put an end to male primogeniture. The official implementation of the Act took place in 2015, only two months prior to the birth of Princess Charlotte. In the current scenario, regardless of the gender of the royal baby, he/she will continue to hold the right to take ownership of the throne. That’s pretty good news for baby Charlotte now, isn’t it?

The rule in question is applicable to every royal born post-October 28, 2011. This means that baby Charlotte is 4th in line to succeed the throne, regardless of whether she has a younger boy or girl sibling. Baby Cambridge stands to be the 5th successor followed by Prince Harry as the sixth in line.

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Officials Warn Never To Pick Up A Call From Your Own Number, Here’s Why:

As the act of committing fraud is sinful in the eyes of God. Those who do not have any faith or belief in God will commit sinful acts against humanity or any other creation of God. As we are God’s favorite creations, we must stay true to his teachings and remain righteous throughout our lives and repent when we have fallen into sin.

The latest trick that scam artists are using is to give you a call from your number. If you answer these calls, you are risking the safety of your personal information. People from all over America are getting calls from their numbers.

Dony Claxton, who went through this experience had this to say to WFAA, “My phone starts ringing and at that hour of the night, you are alarmed at who is calling you. […] I look at the phone, and it’s me and I am looking. How am I calling myself? And I look at my phone. And there is no one there. And then it hangs up.”

Anson Massey, a resident of Waco in Texas also had a similar experience. According to his interview with KXXV, he said, “I picked it up, and there was a voice on the other end, and it said my account had been compromised through AT&T.”

As Anson was suspicious about the call, he cut the call when they asked him to enter his social security number. If you ever receive a call from your number, never pick up your phone!

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1. God has given you gifts.

2. God has prepared good things for you to do.

3. I pray that God is blessing you today and that you are sharing his love.

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