‘Home Alone’ Star John Heard Passes Away, Macaulay Culkin Sends Out Tweet That’ll Bring Tears To Your Eyes

John Heard recently passed away in Palo Alto, California following surgery at the age of 71. Heard was a talented character actor that played many roles in all different movie genres including comedy, action, drama, and even horror films. His most famous role, however, was quite a few years ago when he played Peter McCallister, the father in Home Alone.

Although he is best known for his role in Home Alone, he also worked in Gladiator, Beaches, Big (as Tom Hanks’ rival), Awakenings, the Pelican Brief, and even Miami Vice. He had many celebrity friends who all sent their condolences when they heard about the actor’s passing.

Jeff Bridges posted to Twitter, “John Heard- what a wonderful actor. We were in the movie Cutter’s Way together & I got to experience his artistry and dedication first hand.” His Big co-star Elizabeth Perkins shared “Rest peacefully, Mr. John Heard. You were the perfect foil, perfectly sly & a perfect gentleman.” But it was none other than Macaulay Culkin, the actor who played Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, that sent him the sweetest message.

Culkin Tweeted:

“You will always be my father. No matter what! Your son, Kevin. #RIPJohnHeard. #HomeAlone will always be a beautiful memory for us all!”

This tweet has brought tears to our eyes, their bond from a movie that was made so long ago was still so strong. Our prayers are with Heard’s family as he is survived by two children.

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