Faith Hill Cancels Concerts, Shares Devastating Medical News With Fans

It is devastating when, despite our best efforts, there are obstacles that come our way and prevent us from leading a happy, healthy life. Deriving strength from our merciful Father, we must make the most of our lives at all time, obstacles or not. For those of us blessed with all things happy and healthy, it becomes our responsibility to lend a helping hand as much as is possible for us to those less fortunate than us. Stand by them in their bad times, as Lord Jesus did when all of mankind needed redemption.

Prayers are needed for legendary country singer Faith Hill. The talented, beautiful singer who has enthralled the world with her greats vocals is sadly unable to sing. Hill has been popular and one of the most loved country singers from 1993. Thus, it becomes even more painful to think of such a talented singer unable to live her passion after giving us marvelous performances for 14 years.

Her songs, termed by some as “uplifting melodies”, have not just made her the beloved of millions of country song lovers, but has also established her one of the most commercially viable singers in the world. Hill has been credited with the sale of more than 40 million music albums all over the world. Not only is she a wonderful singer, she is also a smart thinker in the business of music. That is why she has also expanded her professional skills to that of a record producer too.

Hill is married to another famous country singer and her partner in most of her country songs – Tim McGraw. They are known to be a low-key couple who share a lot of passion for music and each other. They lead a happy, regular life like most couples, and try to keep things simple for their three daughters. However, things don’t appear to be all well in the loving household in the recent few days. People have been speculating that Hill may be undergoing medical treatments for one of the deadliest diseases that can strike a person – cancer. To make thing worse, it may be a case of throat cancer.

The 49-year old popular singer and mother of three was forced to cancel a concert recently. It was supposed to have taken place on August 3rd. A source has revealed that even Hill’s friends are not too sure of what has been affecting Hill’s health of late. They are extremely concerned because Hill is refusing to divulge details about her symptoms and treatment; it has all been kept secret from her friends and media alike.

A day before the concert in August, whose venue was North Little Rock, Arkansas, a statement had been issued on behalf of Hill according to Country Fancast. An excerpt of it is as follows:

“Under doctor’s advisement, Faith Hill has been put on two days of vocal rest and unfortunately, the Soul2Soul show in North Little Rock, AR, at the Verizon Arena tomorrow is being canceled. Tim and Faith adore their fans and are so sorry to disappoint them.”

It has also been rumored that her Faith’ husband and long-time singing partner, is deeply affected by the turn of things. Though no details have been leaked, many people have observed how tensed the caring husband is for Faith’s health. The worries are intensified because Tim believes his wife may be suffering from a serious problem. Another source has shared the below statement,

“Tim is beside himself. Both he and Faith are concerned that if her condition gets any worse, her golden voice will be silenced for good.”

Dr. Stuart Fisher, a New York Internist, has explained at length that the cancer of throat does indeed affect the vocal cords in its early stages. He further explains as below:

“That’s the only way you might detect it, as you don’t really feel the larynx since there aren’t really any nerves there. Someone like Faith Hill would no doubt see a throat specialist to have this checked out. If it’s not cancer, he could develop throat polyps, which can rupture, and are really a singer’s worst fear. Faith needs to take it easy.”

Both diseases that have been mentioned by the internist sound terrible painful and challenging to deal with. For a person who uses her vocal cords extensively, this indeed must be a severely trying phase to go through. With her life and career riding on her treatments, and even the future of her loving family, there is a lot at stake here. The loving couple had performed just a few days before the August cancellation in Sacramento, California. The people who attended that concert did not find anything amiss at that time with Faith’s voice or performance. A happy and satisfied concertgoer had also made his or her satisfaction with the concert quite vocal. The unknown concertgoer has reportedly put up a heartfelt tweet on Twitter that reads, “Concerts like this are what I live for”, according to The Sacrament Bee. There are several other fans of Faith who have expressed their love and support for their favorite singer. They have praised her showing their support for the singer and the woman that Faith is. “Good Lord, Faith Hill still has it. The look, the voice. Does she even age?!”

Faith Hill has had an inspiring and very illustrious career. Just a look at the number of awards she has won is evidence of her success and popularity. She has won 5 Grammy awards. In 2000 alone, she won 3 of those 5. One of them was for the Best Country Album category, which was awarded for the song “Breathe”. She has also received the Best Female Country Vocal Performance award for the same song, and together with her husband, McGraw, she has won the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals award for the song “Let’s Make Love”.

In the year 2000, Hill won the Best Female Country Vocal Performance award for one of her most popular songs, “Cry”. Together with her husband, he received a second award under the category, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2005. The song was “Like We Never Loved At All.” Fans, supporters, and everybody who loves Faith Hill is praying that she remains strong and bounces back quickly from her ailment.

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