Simon Gets Emotional When He Asks Performer To Sing Original Song, Then Discovers It’s About His Dead Brother

The 19-year-old arrived at the Manchester auditions and originally sang a John Denver song, but Simon stopped him and asked him to perform something else.

Christian, who is one of eight children revealed to the judges that he writes his own songs and that he had one about his brother who died when he was young.

“It’s a song that means everything to me, and only my mum’s heard it.”

As soon as Christian started singing the heartfelt song which opened with the lines: “I would do anything just to be two years old again, imagine what we could have done, imagine what we could have been”, the judges were visibly emotional, with Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne having to wipe away tears.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room and Simon thanked a tearful Christian for sharing the ballad, and Nicole added: “I was right there all the way, you got me so thank you for that.”

Before the judges gave Christian four ‘yes’, Simon told him: “It was very brave to share that song with us, because it is so personal.

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