Dad Tells Little Girl She Needs Surgery And Will Go Blind, Her Simple Response Will Have You In Tears

Finding true friendship is one of the many ways to feel close to God. True friends will always be supportive and loving, regardless of our situation. Just like God, true friends will always keep an eye out for us and protect our backs. Friendship is true only when we trust others and rely on God.

Autumn Michaels and Rachael Steffens are not just any ordinary pair of high school band members. Their relationship is much deeper because Autumn is blind.

When Autumn was seven months old, she had a brain tumor near her optic nerves. As the tumor was inoperable, the only option her parents had was to remove it along with the optic nerves.

Jason Michaels told his daughter, “Autumn, I’m sorry we have to do this,” Jason remembers telling his little girl. “You won’t be able to see.”

To which Autumn said, “It’s OK Daddy. God will see for me.”

As Autumn was keen on joining the high school band, she had to learn the halftime choreography, routines and perform while holding the clarinet. All these activities proved challenging because of her condition.

Autumn met Rachel Steffens in the summer band camp where the two became close friends. Soon, Rachel chose to become Autumn’s eyes, rather than to play for the high school band in her last year. When the high school band steps on the field, Rachel guides and sync’s Autumn’s movement with the group.

It’s incredible to see the true friendship between Autumn Michaels and Rachael Steffens in action!

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Mother And Daughter Celebrate Last Day Of Chemo In Vegas, Share Their Amazing Story Of Survival

There will be times when things in our lives don’t go according to plan. However, we should never fail to believe that God will help us out during our darkest hours. As we are God’s favorite creations, he will make sure that someone is always watching our backs. Pray to God during times of danger so that he will keep us safe and secure.

Kelly Pettit Huff had to go through a tough year because she had to deal with her daughter’s Ewing’s sarcoma. To beat the dangerous disease, Cassidy, her daughter had to go through multiple chemo treatments.

To celebrate the last chemo treatment for Cassidy, Kelly decided to book tickets for the Route 91 Harvest festival. Cassidy wanted to go to this festival last year but there weren’t any tickets available. Leaving nothing to chance, Kelly made sure that the duo would make it for the concert this year because it marks the end of chemo treatment.

Although Cassidy had only five weeks to recover from the chemo treatment, she gave it everything she had to get back on her feet.  Within five weeks, Cassidy was able to get better.

What was supposed to be a night to remember, turned out to be one that they would never forget. As we all know about the infamous shooting that took place at the Mandalay Bay, the mother-sister duo were survivors of the incident.

Share this story and encourage others to pray for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Woman Shows Up At Her Own Funeral, Surprises Her Husband Who Thought He Killed Her

Back in 2015, Noela Rukundu, a mother of eight was resting in a hotel room when all of a sudden she received a call from her husband Balenga asking her to step outside on the balcony and have some fresh air. Completely unaware of her husband’s malicious intent, Noela obeyed only to be attacked by a masked intruder outside her room and shoved inside a car at gunpoint.

A few minutes later Noela was driven to an abandoned building and tied up by her kidnappers. Upon being questioned by the kidnappers as to what exactly did she do to instigate her husband to pay for her killing, Noela was caught off-guard and became absolutely terrified of what she had just heard.

Not getting any answers from Noela, the kidnappers dialed the husband’s number and put him on speakerphone. Noela quickly recognized his voice as he said ‘Kill Her’ and was absolutely shell-shocked to see her husband wish so desperately for her demise.

However, the kidnappers, instead of going ahead with the husband’s instructions, held Noela captive for two days, before releasing her unharmed. They told her that they did not kill women and children and let her go without telling her husband. Instead, they extorted more money from her husband lying to him that Noela was dead.

Later, Noela returned to her home in Australia only to find her funeral underway. As the mourners began leaving the service, Noela decided to confront her husband in front of everyone. Absolutely stunned at what he had just seen, her husband quickly gave in to a desperate apology. However, having been terribly wronged, Noela decided to take action and called the authorities that sentenced him to nine months in prison.

Thank God she is ok! Share this and amaze your friends with Noela’s story.

Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In The World!

Dogs are one of the most loyal and unconditionally loving creatures created by God. They are a man’s best friend through thick and thin. If you have ever owned a dog you would know how compassionate and emotionally receptive these four-legged creatures are.

Freddy, a Great Dane was brought into the family of a former glamor model Claire Stoneman about five years ago when he was still a puppy. As Claire puts it, “I got him a couple of weeks early because he wasn’t eating off his mum.” Freddy was actually the smallest and the weakest among his siblings and Claire couldn’t have ever imagined that he would grow up to be the world’s largest dog!

A resident of Essex, England, Claire is a single woman, who lives with his four-legged family members comprising Freddie and his sister Fleur, another Great Dane. Given his mammoth size, Freddie can not only open drawers on his own for pulling out treats but also eats enormous portions of food worth $15,535 a year! Freddie loves to nibble on his favorite peanut butter toast and whole chickens.

The Guinness Book of World record announced Freddie as the world’s tallest dog at 7 feet 5.5 inches last year and presented the master with an official certificate for declaring the same. And you know what’s more intriguing? Freddie continues to add more inches as he is still in his growing years!

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Dear Sister and Brother,

1. God never fails.

2. God will never turn his back on you.

3. I pray that whatever you are going through in your life, God will show you a way through it and that you be showered with His mercy and grace.

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God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD