Woman Is Upset With Tiny Engagement Ring, Finds The Receipt And Criticized Fiance Online

They say matches are made in heaven, and that all you need is love to lead a happy and fulfilling married life. But things are changing and so are people. A recent incident exemplified how people are losing their compassion for their fellow humans and becoming more materialistic and greedy than ever.

With a drastic change in trends, proposals have severely graduated from just being a beautiful confession of love to becoming a glorified deal where the male is pressurized with enormous expectations of booking helicopter rides or signing up for airplane banners. So, when a woman got proposed by her boyfriend with a ‘not so big’ diamond ring, she literally freaked out and took to posting an angry rant on the internet.

“He proposed to me in a pub over a pint of Guinness and didn’t even have the courtesy to get down on one knee!” she posted. And that’ not all! She went on and on about how the solitaire of her ring was ‘small’ and how she disliked its chunky design. To make matters worse she even posted a picture of the receipt and added that although the guy had spent a good 1800 pounds for the ring, it was pretty less than what she would have wanted her engagement ring to be worth!

A majority of the responses to her post were filled with utter disdain and scorn for her having no regard for her boyfriend’s feelings and being utterly selfish and materialist in establishing the worth of her engagement ring on the basis of its price tag. What’s the world coming to?!

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What do you think about this woman’s complaint? Share this story and let us know what you think!

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