Woman Is Upset With Tiny Engagement Ring, Finds The Receipt And Criticized Fiance Online

They say matches are made in heaven, and that all you need is love to lead a happy and fulfilling married life. But things are changing and so are people. A recent incident exemplified how people are losing their compassion for their fellow humans and becoming more materialistic and greedy than ever.

With a drastic change in trends, proposals have severely graduated from just being a beautiful confession of love to becoming a glorified deal where the male is pressurized with enormous expectations of booking helicopter rides or signing up for airplane banners. So, when a woman got proposed by her boyfriend with a ‘not so big’ diamond ring, she literally freaked out and took to posting an angry rant on the internet.

“He proposed to me in a pub over a pint of Guinness and didn’t even have the courtesy to get down on one knee!” she posted. And that’ not all! She went on and on about how the solitaire of her ring was ‘small’ and how she disliked its chunky design. To make matters worse she even posted a picture of the receipt and added that although the guy had spent a good 1800 pounds for the ring, it was pretty less than what she would have wanted her engagement ring to be worth!

A majority of the responses to her post were filled with utter disdain and scorn for her having no regard for her boyfriend’s feelings and being utterly selfish and materialist in establishing the worth of her engagement ring on the basis of its price tag. What’s the world coming to?!

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Florida Woman Faces Extreme Charges For Putting Glass In Food And Blaming The Restaurant

As God is watching our every move, we must not try to commit sinful acts. God wants us to live a life that is pure and righteous as our hearts and faith will guide as to the gates of heaven. God punishes those who break his rules and the ones on the planet. As it is God who has given us the opportunity to walk on this exquisite planet, we must follow his words!

Kaitlyn Murphy from Stuart, Florida is facing felony charges for a scheme to defraud. Murphy has been placing glass in her food so that she could get free meals from restaurants in Stuart. Murphy has eaten in 11 restaurants inside Stuart and gotten free meals from all of them.

Stuart Police Department’s arrest affidavit states, “just as she was finishing the meals, she claimed there was glass in her food.” As Stuart is a small city with a population of just 16,000, people quickly got to know about her scam tactics.

The detectives from Stuart Police Department were able to arrest Murphy after they found a surveillance tape which showed her leaving Luna Italian Restaurant, after claiming that there was glass in her food.

On October 3rd, 2017, Murphy turned herself in and told the police that she was putting the glass in her meals on purpose and inflicting damage on her mouth to get free meals. Due to Murphy’s acts, the restaurants had to go through a lot, to make sure that there weren’t any glass pieces in future meals. For example, Bono, a restaurant in the area had to throw away all its chicken wings because they thought it had glass.

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Pay Attention To This Type Of Body Language, It’s The Key To Decipherer How Someone Really Feels

God has given us a myriad of facial expressions, tones, and other types of body languages so that we can understand each other with clarity. God wants us to express what we are feeling at all times so that we remain true to ourselves and others. God has also given us the gift to be quiet so that we can listen to the opinions of other people.

If you are confused about what your co-workers, loved ones, and friends are feeling at the moment, start focusing on their voice, rather than their faces. According to a study in the American Psychologist journal, people are better judges of emotional states of people when they can’t see the facial expressions.

Yale School of Management’s social psychologist, Michael Kraus, told TODAY,  “As adults, we can monitor and control our facial expressions. Our vocals are much more difficult to control, though, and we have less practice doing that. So a lot of our intentions can leak out more in the voice.”

For example, it may be easy to maintain a blank face to hide any suffering. However, when you speak, your voice may break and crack as you don’t have much experience in manipulating it. Although people believe that it is important to look at the body language to determine a person’s emotional state, it loses its effectiveness when you focus on two areas, that is their face and their tone.

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Dolly Parton Shares Stories Of Her Humble Upbringing And The New Project It Inspired

Even when we are highly successful, God wants us to remember our roots so that we remain grounded until the end of our life. When we truly appreciate everything God has done for us, he will help us reach even greater heights. We must be grateful to God for everything he has given us. Pray to God every day so that he continues to shower us with blessings.

When you think about Dolly Parton, you usually think about her life as a talented and famous musician. However, like most successful artists, Dolly Parton lead a much different life when she was younger. Believe it or not, but Dolly Parton had eleven siblings!

Dolly has a lot of knowledge and advice to share with children from all around the world, so she released a new album called “I Believe in You.”

Dolly hopes that the younger generation will be encouraged and inspired to follow their dreams while maintaining a positive attitude after listening to her new album.

Dolly told ABC News, “In this day and time we really need some uplifting messages. I tried to create building tools to make children better people, but I really think it speaks to the grownups as well.”

Dolly also made a promise to God that if she became successful, she would share everything she has with those in need. Needless to say, Dolly became a philanthropist once her singing career became successful. Dolly donated $10,000 to all the families that lost their houses in the wildfires, which spread through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

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My Friend,

1. God desires a relationship with you.

2. God loves when we find the right person to marry!

3. We should be grateful for all God has blessed us with!

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