Top 10 Pleasant Smelling Flowers

#1 Gardenia

These delicate and pretty looking flowers are the most fragrant in the world with a unique creamy fragrance.


#2 Lily of the Valley

These bell like flowers have the power to spread their extraordinary fragrance throughout the garden.


#3 Stargazer Lily

It is fact that all lilies are very fragrant but the stargazer lily is the most aromatic among them.


#4 Jasmine

This unbelievable sweet smelling flower is popular in tropical areas.


#5 Chocolate Cosmos

These reddish brown colored flowers are one of the most fragrant flowers smelling of sweet vanilla.


#6 Four O’Clock

These flowers bloom in the late afternoon and continue thought for the night, giving them their name. These guys smell the most potent with warm weather.


#7 Sweet Pea

These flowers have been spreading its aroma in gardens for 300 years. Sweet peas give their seductive smell from early spring to late summer.


#8 Rose

The mother of all flowers this flower has undeniable beauty and irresistible fragrance.


#9 Freesia

Native to South Africa these flowers are the most popular fragrant flowers in Europe. With a charming, fruity scent that is most pleasing.


#10 Plumeria or Hawaiian Frangipani Flowers

These flowers are well know for their beautiful scent, the perfumes made with these flowers are among the most popular.

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