Tom Selleck Reveals Details About His 30-Year Marriage, And It Makes Us Love Him Even More!

Renowned for his iconic mustache and his brilliant acting prowess, Tom Selleck has a private life behind the screens that no one really knows much about. A great father, a loving husband and a man with great faith in God, Tom finally opened up about his married life nearly three decades after he took his wedding vows.

Having worked in a multitude of movies and television shows, Tom is a firm believer of God and claims to have always lived his life on His virtues and guidance. Tom married his sweetheart Jillie, who was both his fellow actor and close friend for many years before they decided to tie the knot in 1987 in a quiet and private affair. The couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Hannah Margaret a year later.

In an interview, Tom remarked that the secret to their happily married life is the great partnership with his wife where they both consult each other before making any decision. Also, if the decision involves Hannah, then both Tom and his wife always agree on a common ground, regardless of any personal disagreements between the two.

He further added that his family understands the value of hard earned money and do not indulge in any reckless expenditure regardless of their massive wealth. Unlike several of his contemporaries that own extravagant properties in the premium localities of the city, Tom and his family live in a humble ranch house in California. Despite having spent thirty long years with his beloved wife, Tom still believes in investing great efforts towards nurturing their relationship and leading a happy and fulfilling family life.

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Dad And Two Boys Cut Open Giant Wasps Nest, What’s Inside Will Blow Your Mind!

God’s creations are truly exquisite and often leave you amazed at the sheer diversity of life forms on earth!

A guy named Dan and his son Lincoln have their own YouTube Channel called What’s Inside where they cut open things to look at their contents as part of science research. In a recent episode, the father-son duo is seen ripping apart a wasp nest and taking a sneak peek inside. The video clip opens up with Dan, Lincoln and Lincoln’s friend Kai unboxing a large wasp nest that they had earlier ordered at eBay. Having the size of a large basketball, the wasp nest had traveled a long distance all the way from Wisconsin and looked terribly freaky, to say the least.

A visibly flustered Dan was a bit wary of opening the wasp nest and witnessing what was inside it. However, willing to take his chances, Dan went ahead with his knife and began sawing the nest in half, while the two young boys looked over eagerly.

Once the wasp nest was adequately ripped apart, the boys nearly screamed in awe of what they saw inside it. While the boys examine one half of the wasp nest, Dan comes onto the camera holding the other half and showing it on screen for the benefit of the viewers.

To lighten up the atmosphere a little, Dan makes a joke of how he had found a big wasp inside and waved it away towards the two boys, freaking them out! Watch it all happen in the video below:

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Meet Freddy, The Biggest Dog In The World!

Dogs are one of the most loyal and unconditionally loving creatures created by God. They are a man’s best friend through thick and thin. If you have ever owned a dog you would know how compassionate and emotionally receptive these four-legged creatures are.

Freddy, a Great Dane was brought into the family of a former glamor model Claire Stoneman about five years ago when he was still a puppy. As Claire puts it, “I got him a couple of weeks early because he wasn’t eating off his mum.” Freddy was actually the smallest and the weakest among his siblings and Claire couldn’t have ever imagined that he would grow up to be the world’s largest dog!

A resident of Essex, England, Claire is a single woman, who lives with his four-legged family members comprising Freddie and his sister Fleur, another Great Dane. Given his mammoth size, Freddie can not only open drawers on his own for pulling out treats but also eats enormous portions of food worth $15,535 a year! Freddie loves to nibble on his favorite peanut butter toast and whole chickens.

The Guinness Book of World record announced Freddie as the world’s tallest dog at 7 feet 5.5 inches last year and presented the master with an official certificate for declaring the same. And you know what’s more intriguing? Freddie continues to add more inches as he is still in his growing years!

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Dog Is Upset After Losing His Friend, Goes Out And Finds Himself A New Kitten!

God made sure that all his creations have companions so that they can enjoy everything he has to offer as much as possible. Having true friends around us is like having God beside us as they only want the best for us. True friends will pray for us more than we pray for ourselves. We should be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to experience true friendship!

Squishiepeachies’s dog, Crosby had two companions, another canine, and a kitten. However, his dog lost his companions a couple of months ago. Squisiepeachies thought Crosby was okay being alone after losing his favorite companions.

However, Crosby didn’t like living alone, so he went on an expedition to find a new companion.

Squishiepeachies said, “On Thursday I came home, and instead of our normal routine of Crosby howling with excitement to see me, he led me straight to the bathtub.”

When he went to the bathtub, he found a tiny kitten meowing. Even though his house had a dog door, it was impossible for the kitten to get in as it was too high. He realized that Crosby must have brought the kitten home.

Squishiepeachies was thinking about putting the kitten in a shelter so that it could find a new home. However, his vet told him that the shelter was full of kittens that are waiting to get adopted.

As Crosby had gone through a lot to get this kitten from the streets, squishiepeachies decided to keep the kitten as his new pet. Now Crosby has a new companion who goes by the name, Raina Lil Ray-Ray.

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