Simon Cuts Him Off Mid-Performance, What He Does Next Is Amazing

Britain’s Got Talent 2009

Who doesn’t know this popular television reality show. It’s the platform that brings together incredibly talented people who come to showcase their artistic gifts. The auditions for this talent show throws participants into nail-biting anxiety with racing hormones. The auditions give a glimpse of the talents to come to the show, with a few that instantly wow judges and viewers at this critical stage of the competition.

But 2009 auditions in Wales has something unbelievable stored for Britain’s Got Talent. Out of the millions of participants who come every year to show their talent, there are a few who leave an indelible mark in our minds. Shaheen Jafargholi was one of them whose voice echoed through the hearts of judges and viewers, and he went on to the summit of fame and success as a singer. His audition at Britain’s Got Talent was simply heart-melting.

The song that changed his life
Shaheen Jafargholi had only just begun his first-round audition for the 2009’s Britain’s Got Talent when suddenly Simon Cowell interrupted him mid-performance. The timid 12-year old boy was flabbergasted and thrown in a fizzy when Simon criticized his choice of an upbeat song.

Simon told him, “You got this really wrong. What do you sing apart from that?”

However, Simon was trying to encourage Shaheen to give his best performance. But his criticism could have demotivated the kid on a public platform. His feelings could have been badly hurt. Shaheen’s mother was mortified as she watched her son from the backstage, hoping that her beloved son could hold on and not burst into tears.

What Shaheen did after this turned out to be life-changer for him. Instead of getting demotivated and letting something so unexpected spoil his audition, Shaheen mustered the courage and gave the best performance. He opted for an entirely different-sounding song by the Jackson 5, “Who’s Loving You”, which most vocalists cannot pull off easily. This simply awed the three judges who simply couldn’t but give Shaheen a standing ovation.

“This is how one song can change your life”, said Simon Cowell, who was pleased that he cut off Shaheen and made him select a different song. Shaheen’s soulful performance took him to the finale and made him a popular singer in the music fraternity. He was even called to sing at Michael Jackson’s funeral, which took place a week after Shaheen’s Britain’s Got Talent performance.

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