Do You Have Rubbing Alcohol In Your Medicine Cabinet? I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do This With It!

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Check out these 11 Amazing health Benefits of Rubbing Alcohol!

While it’s a common item in most medicine cabinets, a lot of people are largely unaware of the amazing uses and health benefits of rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl and Ethyl alcohol are the two types of rubbing alcohol available in the market nowadays. While it is traditionally employed as a disinfectant, rubbing alcohol offers a myriad of health benefits as well.

-Believe it or not, but rubbing alcohol is great for getting rid of tick infestation from your skin. All you need to do is a dab a ball of cotton in rubbing alcohol and apply it on the area around the tick. Once the area has been adequately cured with the alcohol, you can simply pull out the tick with a pair of tweezers.

-Rubbing alcohol is very useful in relieving the itchiness and pain of mosquito bites. Just dab a little onto the bitten area and rub it vigorously.

-Bed bugs are one of the most dreaded species of domestic insects that can transform your life from heaven to hell overnight. You can however employ the use of isopropyl rubbing alcohol for killing the bugs and eliminating the eggs by frequent spraying on your box springs, headboard and the braiding of the mattress.

-You can eliminate fruit flies by spraying them with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to keep your kitchen adequately ventilated when you do so.

-A mixture of 1 portion alcohol and two portions of water works wonders for eliminating stubborn stains of ink and coffee. Just pour the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the stains.

-If you are experiencing stinky shoe problems, then rubbing alcohol is surely a savior for you. Spray the insides of your shoes with rubbing alcohol and allow them to dry overnight. Once dried, your shoes will have gotten rid of the foul odor and regained their freshness.

-Handling raw garlic with bare hands can cause them to reek of a pungent smell that cannot be eliminated with regular hand wash. Rub your hand with rubbing alcohol and then wash them thoroughly with soap. This will help in getting rid of the foul smell easily.

-Are your suffering from painful joints and sore muscles? Well, then rubbing alcohol is one of the best remedies to relieve the pain and de-stress your strained muscles and joints. Just massage the affected area with rubbing alcohol and see the difference!

-Why spend your money on drugstore hand sanitizers, when you create your own disinfectant formula at home! Mix one part of aloe Vera gel with three parts of rubbing alcohol and use the solution to keep your hands clean and germ free.

-Rubbing alcohol is a great remedy for naturally healing your cold sores and relieving the inflammation within no time.

-Want to remove dirt stains and fingerprints from your eyeglasses without damaging the lenses? Spritz your glasses with some rubbing alcohol and wipe off the stains with a soft tissue or cloth for sparkling clean lenses!

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