Queen Bends Royal Rules So Charlotte Can Still Be 4th In Line For The Throne

The chances of Queen Elizabeth II taking over the throne were quite bleak when she was born. The Act of Settlement of 1701 in the British constitution allows brothers to precede their sisters in matters of succession. This means that despite the first birth being that of a girl child, the younger brother may eventually end up sitting on the throne. Sounds a bit unfair, right?

Let’s look at the case of Princess Margaret. If she had been born as a boy or had any younger brothers, Elizabeth would have lost the chance of being the first successor to the throne. The Succession of the Crown Act changed these ancient succession rules in the year 2013. How? Well, it put an end to male primogeniture. The official implementation of the Act took place in 2015, only two months prior to the birth of Princess Charlotte. In the current scenario, regardless of the gender of the royal baby, he/she will continue to hold the right to take ownership of the throne. That’s pretty good news for baby Charlotte now, isn’t it?

The rule in question is applicable to every royal born post-October 28, 2011. This means that baby Charlotte is 4th in line to succeed the throne, regardless of whether she has a younger boy or girl sibling. Baby Cambridge stands to be the 5th successor followed by Prince Harry as the sixth in line.

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What do you think about this strange rule? Share this story and let others know!

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