Did You Know That These 11 Companies Are Christian?

11 Companies You Didn’t Know Were Christian

Religion is all around us. You will find an influence of religion in almost all spheres of life. So many people are influenced by their faith and live it out in extraordinary ways.

Here are some companies who choose to showcase their faith and their religious position. They don’t always openly profess their Christianity, but if you directly talk them they will probably share more about their faith and how it influences their companies. Whether they openly profess it or are shy to express their religious status, there is no doubt that these companies are proud of the fact that they are Christians. Christianity is used by these companies to drive them forward. They practice their Christianity in different ways, some by keeping their shops closed on Sundays, others do it by saying prayers before a company meeting.

These companies profess their belief in a very subtle manner that might miss the plain eye. But there are also some companies who wear their religious belief on their sleeves.

Here is a list of twelve companies that you might not know were Christian:

Forever 21: Forever 21 is an American chain of fashion retailers. It’s headquarter is at Los Angeles, California. You can buy anything from their latest collection in the story and come home with a shopping bag that has verses from Bible printed on the bottom. The owners of this company, the Chang family, are a born again Christians and believe they had been dictated by God to start this store.

Chick-fil-A: This company is surely proud of their Christian inclination as it wear Christianity on their sleeves. It is closed on Sundays to allow their employees to enjoy a sabbath. Chick-fil-A is an American fast food restaurant chain with its headquarter in the suburbs of College Park, Georgia. Their specialty is chicken sandwiches. It was established in 1946.

Mary Kay: Mary Kay Inc. is an American marketing and direct sales company that sells cosmetics. It is the sixth largest direct selling companies in the world as per statistics in 2011. In 1977, this cosmetic queen expressed her belief in God and said that she wanted all women to be the beautiful creatures that God had created.

In-N-Out Burger: This is a regional chain of fast food restaurants in Southwest America. It was established in 1948 at Baldwin Park in California. They have Biblical verses printed on their wrappers and paper bags. They are only visible if looked at very carefully.

Revival Soy: Dr. Aaron Tabor and his mother, Suzanne Tabor, created a doctor-formulated soy protein to help women stay healthy as they age. The Tabor family upholds Christian values and brings God into whatever they do.

Jack in the Box: The mark of christianity is found in the logo of the company itself. The ‘o’ and ‘x’ of box signifies a Jesus fish. This company once again is an American fast food restaurant that was established in the year 1951 by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego in California. It mainly serves to customers on the West Coast but has spread across two thousand and two hundred locations in America.

Interstate Batteries: this company does not wear its religion in the logo itself, but that does not stop them from being outwardly Christian. Their mission is to glorify God through their service to their customers all across the world. They wish to serve their customers with good quality and reasonably priced batteries. This is a privately owned American company that distributes batteries for automotives to more than two million shops all across the world.

Tyson Food: this is a multinational corporation based out of USA. It operates from Springdale, Arkansas. This company is the world’s second largest producer of pork, beef and chicken. It happens to be one of the most religious companies in America. They have appointed a team of chaplains who provide pastoral care to family and team members with full compassion. However, it does not wear its religion on its wrappers.

Hobby Lobby: this company is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is a chain of retail art and craft goods. Its former name was Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. Just like Chik-Fil-A, this shop shows its Christian affiliation by keeping the shop closed on Sundays and following the Lord’s day. They have no qualms admitting to their religious inclination. The mission of the company is to honor the Almighty in all that they do and by administering the company in a manner that is in allegiance to the Biblical principles.

Trijicon: this gun making company has strong religious beliefs. And this should not be of much surprise. But what is surprising and to a certain extent even funny is to see the Biblical verses embossed on a firing weapon.

Carl’s Jr.: this is a fast food restaurant chain based in America. It operates in the Western and Southwestern parts of USA. It started expanding in 2013 and it is already spread in Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Panama, Vietnam and Russia. This chain was founded by Carl Katcher. Even after his death, the practice of praying before a company meeting was continued. Through such practices their faith in the Christian religion is evident.

These are some of the companies that are Christian, some of whom you were surely not aware of. Next time you go to shop at Forever 21 or eat at In-N-Out Burger, make sure you take a deep look at their bags. You are sure to spot something Christian!

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