Extremely Rare Footage Of The Original 1912 Titanic

The tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912 has slipped into history books. Although the Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio movie managed to paint a good picture of the tragedy, the actual tragedy was far more horrifying than its cinematic depiction.

The present generation can get a glimpse of this historically known marine tragedy from a video posted by British Pathe News on YouTube. The video complies footage of Titanic’s passengers, crew members, and a few rare interviews with some of the survivors of the tragedy.


Sailing from the UK to New York City, the Titanic was one of the hugest ships in the world. In an unfortunate event on April 15, 1012, when the ship collided with an iceberg, this magnificent ship sank in the North Atlantic ocean at around two in the morning. Thanks to obsolete safety regulations, the ship did not have many lifeboats and scores of people lost their lives to the tragedy. 1517 people died in the ship-wreck, making it one of the deadliest tragedies in the history.

The ship collided with an iceberg, causing the ship’s hull to crack open and giving way for water to fill in. Some people were lucky to escape with lifeboats, but several men died because of the woman and children first regulation. Thousands of people who were onboard died from hypothermia within minutes of the ship falling apart and sinking. Only 710 people managed to climb into lifeboats and save themselves.


This rare footage covers the smiling and prepared faced of passengers and crew members who were “departing”, and gives a glimpse of the tragedy.

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