Doctors Are Stunned After Delivering Newborn With Rare Overgrowth Tongue Disorder

Man or woman, black or white, rich or poor, every human being in this world was created by God and is extremely special in his/her own way. And even more special are those that have been created differently than a majority of us.

In a recent incident, a young mother of two in South Dakota, Madison Kienow, delivered a baby girl, who to everyone’s utter surprise was born with an abnormally large tongue.  

According to the doctors, Paisley (the baby girl) was born with a rare genetic disorder called Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome that is found to affect only one child in every 11,000 births. As a result of the disorder that causes the patient’s body to develop overgrown parts, Paisely has a tongue nearly twice as big as her mouth and is essentially the largest tongue the doctor had ever seen.

While Madison continued to hope that her baby’s mouth would soon become large enough to hold the tongue, Paisley had to be administered with a breathing apparatus to keep her from choking in the first week after delivery.

After turning six, Paisley underwent a surgery to incise off a two-inch portion of her tongue to reduce its size. However, the doctors noticed that even after the surgery the incised tongue began growing back to its initial size!  We pray for Paisley and hope that she can lead a perfectly normal life one day.

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Shelter Dog With Deformed Face Is Still Looking For A Family To Love Her!

As everything in this world came from the hands of God, we must love all of them the same, regardless of their appearance. What matters the most is how beautiful they are inside, because that is their true appearance. We must be grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to mingle with his creations.

Fort Worth Animal Care and Control picked up Sid, a white Canaan dog from the streets. Upon close examination, they found out that the canine has a strange look before of a traumatic injury. One half of Sid’s face was suffering from paralysis as a result of this injury. On top of that, Sid was also deaf.

Due to Sid’s issues, it was hard for her to find an accepting home. Rather than letting Sid become another shelter canine, the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control asked Animal Hope to help the female canine.

Sid was finally comfortable after Animal Hope took her in on 2nd of October.  Sid had no trouble getting along with all the other canines in Animal Hope. Even though Sid had gone through a lot in her life, she didn’t let it stop her from having fun.

As Sid had to face a lot of difficulties in her life, she deserves a family that will love her unconditionally.

Director of Animal Hope, Benjamin Morris said, “People often come into our shelter looking for specific types of dogs, but dogs are companions … they’re not handbags and they’re not shoes. The way that a dog looks is for us, not for them. What matters is what they are like, not what they look like.”

Morris also said, “If more people would walk into shelters and ask the shelter staff which dogs are their favorites, rather than asking for specific breeds, they would have much better adoption experiences.”

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US Farmer Makes History By Growing A 2,363-Pound Pumpkin

As God didn’t want his favorite creations to starve, God made farmers. God showered farmers with countless blessings so that they have the resilience and energy to endure working in the fields all day long. We must be thankful to God and the farmers for giving us the opportunity to eat delicious fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats every day. We can’t even imagine how life would be if farmers didn’t exist.

On Monday, farmers had gathered in Northern California to show the world their collection of gigantic gourds for the pumpkin weigh-off. While there were many contenders, only one was big enough for the prestigious top prize.

The winner of the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off was a retired firefighter, Joel Holland. Hailing from Sumner in Washington he walked away with the title pumpkin king. According to the organizers, his gourd had a total weight of 2,363 pounds.

Joel Holland’s gigantic pumpkin broke the record in America for the heaviest pumpkin. Although his pumpkin is enormous, it ranked number two in the list of heaviest pumpkins in the world.

One can’t even begin to imagine the amount of effort and time Joel Holland would have put to grow a pumpkin with this much weight. While Joel Holland broke records this time, it isn’t his first rodeo. In fact, this was the seventh win for him in an annual weigh-off competition. As the prize money was 7$ for every pound, Joel Holland walked away with $16,541.

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Conjoined Twins Who Underwent Risky Surgery Made Headlines In 2002, Now They Are Living Lives Some Claimed Would Never Be Possible

Kendra and Maliyah Herrin made headlines in 2002 when they were born sharing a large intestine, bladder, liver, and single kidney. Their parents, Erin and Jake, were faced with any parent’s worst nightmare, they had to decide if they were going to separate the girls or keep them conjoined. Both of these options were going to put the girls’ lives at risk and it was not something that any doctors would take lightly either.

“One doctor told us he thought everything from the twins’ chest, down was mush, and they didn’t have the organs they needed to survive on their own outside of my womb,” Erin said. “Another doctor told us to simply abort the twins because it was all too complicated. But I’d seen our daughters’ faces close up, at an MRI scan, and fallen in love with them. I was determined to do whatever it took to bring them into the world safely, even if it meant risking my own life.”

Erin and Jake made the decision to separate their daughters when they were 4 years old. They felt that this option would give the girls the best chance to live a normal life. The surgery posed major health risks and it became a national story.

Despite the low survival rate, the girls exceeded all expectations and did very well. There was a team of six surgeons who operated on the twins, and the girls were successfully separated after a grueling 26 hours. Kendra was the one who retained their shared kidney and Maliyah was forced to undergo dialysis until she was able to get a kidney transplant from her mother.

It’s been years since the girls were separated, but they are doing better than ever! It was definitely a challenge when the girls had to transition and learn to adjust to life on their own, but they are doing fantastic now!

“The girls were happy to be independent at last, but sometimes I’d find them playing and walking around the house on crutches, sometimes holding on to one another like they were still conjoined,” Erin said.

Watch the video below to see these girls who are now able to live life to the fullest!

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1. The innocence of a baby is endearing!

2. We should never lose our childlike wonder.

3. Jesus tells us to come to him like little children!

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God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD