Doctors Are Stunned After Delivering Newborn With The Biggest Tongue They’ve Ever Seen!

Man or woman, black or white, rich or poor, every human being in this world was created by God and is extremely special in his/her own way. And even more special are those that have been created differently than a majority of us.

In a recent incident, a young mother of two in South Dakota, Madison Kienow, delivered a baby girl, who to everyone’s utter surprise was born with an abnormally large tongue in her mouth! And by large we mean that her tongue not only filled her entire mouth but also hung out of it!

According to the doctors, Paisley (the baby girl) is born with a rare genetic disorder called Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome that is found to affect only one child in every 11,000 births. As a result of the disorder that causes the patient’s body to develop overgrown parts, Paisely has a tongue nearly twice as big as her mouth and is essentially the largest tongue the doctor had ever seen.

While Madison continued to hope that her baby’s mouth would soon become large enough to hold the tongue, Paisley had to be administered with a breathing apparatus to keep her from choking in the first week after delivery.

After turning six, Paisley underwent a surgery to incise off a two-inch portion of her tongue to reduce its size. However, the doctors noticed that even after the surgery the incised tongue began growing back to its initial size! We pray for Paisley and hope that she can lead a perfectly normal life one day.

Share this story and encourage others to join us in prayer for little Paisley!

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1. The innocence of a baby is endearing!

2. We should never lose our childlike wonder.

3. Jesus tells us to come to him like little children!

Share this story and encourage others to join us in prayer for little Paisley!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD