Does Your Cat Like To Knead Or Nuzzle Up Against You? It May Be Cute, But This Is What It Really Means:

Cats are cuddly, cute and are great stress relievers. Having a cat, or any pet for that matter, can be fun. Cats are known to have a temperament of their own and their behavior can sometimes be intriguing. Here we have decoded some common cat behaviors so we can know how they really feel.

Cat Behaviors decoded
If you have a cat at home you would know how difficult it sometimes is to understand your pet. Most pet owners even say that dogs are slightly easier to understand than cats. Here are some common things that your cat might do and what they all mean:

Have you noticed your cat rub and nuzzle against you? It is not simply an adorable gesture. He might also do this against other objects. This is his way of marking his territory. By rubbing against you, your cat is leaving his scent on you so everyone can know that you are his favorite human.

Long jump:
Sprinting and jumping is something that a cat might often do. This is simply his way of getting his exercises.

Ever found your cat knead and wring on you? This is a cat’s natural way to calm himself. Kittens do this at their mother’s breast and enhance milk production. Cats only do this on people he loves.

Not covering up after he’s done:
Cats are known to be the cleanest who are very organized in their potty behaviors. But if you ever find your cat not covering his poop, that can indicate that he is angry with you. They are dominant by nature and when this is tested, they sometimes retaliate this way.

Ear twitching:
When your cat is agitated, stress or anxious you might notice his ears twitching. This would be a sign that indicates that you should stay away and give them space.

Wide mouthed gaze:
This is otherwise called Flehmen response. This would be your cat’s way of trying to comprehend complicated smells with the roof of his mouth. The lips appear curled while your cat maneuvers to decipher a smell.

A tiny meow:
Have you noticed your cat make a distinct short meow when you enter the home? This is his welcome greetings to the person he loves. He might mostly then rub against you and express how happy he is.

A little chatter box:
When your cat makes a sound like he is continuously chattering it might look cute. But this is, in fact, a sign that your cat is unhappy because he was not given what he wanted. This is just his way of complaining.

Laying on everything:
On a normal day, your cat would be very particular about where he would lay down. But when he is bored, when he is seeking your attention you would find him laying on everything because it is around you that he feels safe.

Falling asleep on your chest:
A cat would fall asleep on your chest only if he loves you and feels secure around you. He would simply feel loved and protected when he does this.

So the next time you find your cat do anything like this, try to decode it and find out how he is really feeling!

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Did you learn something new about your cat? Share this story to help other cat owners decode their pet’s behavior!

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